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Eco-Friendly, Single-Serve, Pour-Over Coffee with GOURMET Flavor

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About Coulée Coffee Company

Saving your taste buds and the world around you.

We founded Coulée Coffee Company with three, fundamental convictions:  1.). Single-serve coffee should not be compromised for convenience over taste.  2.) Single-serve coffee should not negatively impact the environment.  3.) Single-serve coffee should not mean risking your health with exposure to petroleum-based plastic.

The Coulée Coffee UNCOMPROMISING Quality Promise

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Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee

Gourmet Pour-Over Flavor - AUTOMATED

We deliver the robust flavor of pour-over coffee with the convenience of an automated, single-serve system.  Pour-over coffee is renowned for its exceptional flavor.  Precise control of timing, temperature, and water distribution allow for the optimal flavor extraction from the coffee beans.  We take the complexity of the process and automate it for you to ensure the best cup of coffee with every pour.  No longer do you have to compromise flavor for ease of use.

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